PTB Group was founded in 1961 by the late Mr. Seyed Mehdi Kahnemoui as Perse Transport Bar (PTB), a transport company mainly focused on import/export of cargo from/to Europe and Iran.

PTB Group was founded in 1961 by the late Mr. Seyed Mehdi Kahnemoui as Perse Transport Bar (PTB), a transport company mainly focused on import/export of cargo from/to Europe and Iran.

The spirit of cooperation, the philosophy of sustainable development from corporate income, and the deep sense of caring for his employees' wellbeing, were some of his managerial principals, which he laid as a foundation for this organization.

In 1941, the late Seyed Mehdi Kahnemoui started his professional career by exporting dried fruits of family businesses by rail from Djulfa border to Europe. He then started a partnership and established a passenger and cargo freight forwarding company called Shargh; later, he set up a domestic freight forwarding company called Nobashari in the city of Tabriz, and then the company Kahnemoui in the port of Khorramshahr.

The late Mr. Kahnemoui, in line with providing what today is called "value added services", started customs clearance in the cities of Tabriz and Djulfa and continued to be the representative of the Cargo & Shipping Company in Azerbaijan. It was then that he added international forwarding activities to his domestic ones, and eventually became acquainted with the M&M Militzer & Münch, subsequently resulting in the set-up of PTB, Perse Transport Bar Company on October 12, 1961 in Iran.

Mr. Kahnemoui was the founder of the Iranian International Transport Companies Syndicate and its Secretary General until 1357 (1978).

Not only since the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979, but also since its initial establishment 56 years ago, PTB – thanks to the continuous hard work and drive for innovation – has made enormous efforts and created the necessary infrastructure for professional conduct and business growth, not only within the Group, but in the Iranian transportation industry as a whole.

To the young colleagues in the transportation business, some of these past innovations may seem very routine and natural today – but at the time, they truly were innovative and laid the foundation for PTB Group’s current activities.

Due to PTB’s private nature and the harmony among its Shareholders and Management, the Group has always been managed in a dynamic way; it was never limited to a closed, static framework. PTB's strength was, and still is, based on this harmonious cooperation as well as the spirit of the late Mr. Seyed Mehdi Kahnemoui.

Thanks to this spirit, the Group – both in terms of the number of active companies and the number of shareholders in subsidiary companies – evolved and continuously moves forward in a dynamic way.

With a staff of 450 working at 15 locations, the PTB Group is today renowned as one of Iran’s leading logistics services providers. In transit transports, PTB is the market leader in Iran. The Group’s services include transport & logistics, terminal operations, port handling, truck transportations and tour & travel packages. Apart from the traditional export and import services, the Group offers all kinds of transport. Among others, it is GSA (General Sales Agent) for a number of well-known airlines such as Lufthansa, British Airways World Cargo, China Southern Line, and Pegasus, and offers container handling services for several shipping lines such as Maersk and MSC.

Since its foundation, the PTB Group has built and operated its own customs bonded warehouses as well as port, rail and logistics terminals; the services also include the management of non-company-owned terminals. PTB offers modern 3PL services including door-to-door transports, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution. In Bandar Abbas alone, the Group operates 450,000 m² terminals that includes a 100,000 m² cotton terminal with its own railway siding, and a modern container terminal covering 100,000 m² at the heart of Bandar Abbas Port. The Group also operates a 15,000 m² logistics terminal in Tehran that can be used for cleared goods.

PTB’s latest development is an investment in what becomes Iran’s biggest dry port. PTB has won the tender for the concession to develop and operate Aprin Terminal 20 kilometers from Tehran. The concession comprises a 25-year license for a so-called BOT (Build - Operate - Transfer) operator model, with a three-year construction phase and 22 years of operations. With an area of approximately 450 hectares, Aprin is to become Iran’s biggest dry port and a modern rail logistics terminal with customs clearance and bonded warehouse. The PTB Group was awarded the contract for the first phase, the development and operation of a 55-hectare sector; the annual capacity will be at 400,000 TEU, the sum invested in the infrastructure of the area will amount to approximately USD 30 million.

Nowaday, PTB is part of the Swiss TransInvest Group. Although widely diversified, the TransInvest Group traditionally focusses on the transport and logistics fields. Its subsidiaries operate for freight consignors and as neutral service providers for others. The business segments also include financial services and real estate. The TransInvest Group today comprises 111 companies of different sizes and with different fields of activity. The extensive network of the different companies’ branches and offices guarantee, especially in the Eurasian region, a largely comprehensive local coverage. With a staff of 3,100 working in 34 countries, the TransInvest Group offers its services in Western and Eastern Europe, in Russia and other CIS countries, in Central Asia, China, the Near East, the Middle East, and North Africa. In 2015, the Group generated a consolidated turnover of 715 million euros (as on 31 December 2015).

- Full text from the presentation of Mr. Yousef Sherkati, CEO of TransInvest Group on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of PTB.