Perse Int’l Forwarding will celebrate it’s 60 years anniversary on October 12/2021.

We took the occasion and had a talk with Mr. Saremi, one of early directors of PTB group.

Q. When did you start your collaboration with PTB?

A. I used to work at Bank Pars. PTB was established in 1961 and Mr. Isfahani who was director of Bank Pars, introduced me to Mr. Kahnamoui and I started as part time accountant.

Q. Who were founders of PTB?

A. shareholders were Seyed Mehdi Kahnamoui, his brother late Jafar Kahnamoui, Ashraf Habibi, later Ashraf Habibi transferred his shares to late Seyed Mehdi Kahnamoui.

Q. What was main activities of PTB?

A. PTB early activities were representing Militzer & Munch groupage traffic to Iran which was under M&M middle east director, late Wolfgang Koch and export of carpet to Europe by truck. Rail groupage transit by Djulfa/Tehran was also among early activities.

Q. Did M&M start their Iran traffic with PTB?

A. No. M&M trucking in Iran was handled by TBT, later M&M decided to work with PTB instead. Those days Insurance companies covered transit risk instead of bank guarantee. To handle growing business, Mr. Kahnamoui employed Mr. Ayoub Rezaei who was his relative. Later he became 20% partner.

Q. When did you start full time with PTB?

A. In line with growth of business and cash flow, I joined PTB in 1963 as fulltime financial director.

Q. When did Mr. Seifert join PTB?

A. 1965 Mr. Rezaei left PTB to start his own business. At that time Mr. Kahnamoui transferred Mr. Rezaei 20% share to M&M represented by Mr. Seifert. He handled M&M sales in Iran and later in 1967 Mr. Seifert who liked living in Iran, joined PTB as director and 20% shareholder. He promoted eastern Europe traffic to Iran as well and latter started Japan Transiberian container service to Iran for first time in history.

Dear Mr. Saremi Thank you very much for giving me a brief information on early days and first 10 years of PTB activities.